• Hello, my name is Sean Beazer. I am the owner of Scenic Tours Antigua, the best way to ‘Discover the Island – Like No One Else’.

    Land of 365 beaches – one for every day of the year, with a diverse and friendly populace, Antigua truly is the gem of the Caribbean. I’ve always been progressive in my ideas, and Scenic Tours Antigua grew out of my desire to showcase my country’s rich heritage.

    As a youthful, but knowledgeable and certified, ‘Service Ambassador’, I provide VIP quality experience to all clientele. I know the ins and outs of the historical sites and attractions, and I understand the importance of delivering, not only a good time, but quality customer service. I also hold a registered tour operation license and a public service driver’s permit; so clients can truly relax and savour the experience once they’ve put themselves in my capable hands.

    My staff and I are true “overachievers.” Our commitment is to providing an unforgettable vacation experience for all clientele, from arrival to departure.


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    We like to show off our fleet and our crew.
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    The beautiful land and shores of Antigua. Come explore with us. This example is Little Fryes Beach.

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